Data protection

At Life Medical ApS, we keep personal contact information/data on the people we correspond with by email in our Outlook email system.

Contact information/data is only available to the employees of Life Medical ApS. The purpose of registration is to contact external partners independent of individuals.

We register the following:

• Name, title, place of work, work email, work phone number, work mobile number.

In case of a data protection event, the data protection responsible at Life Medical ApS will review the incident and contact you for further information or, where necessary, assist you with the post incident actions.

Data protection events are any events that have or could have resulted in accidental or deliberate loss or misuse of personal data (electronic or paper), data destruction or unauthorized access to data (eg. loss or theft of laptop, smartphone, documents, prescriptions, etc.).

If you do not wish to be registered in the Life Medical Outlook mail system, please send an email to with the following subject: Contact Information. We will then delete all information about you.