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When you choose to cooperate with Life Medical ApS, we help you gain access to the Nordic countries.

We have successfully entered the market for niche hospital products, specialized generics, and Medical Device products. We handle the price management and price strategies in the different markets, and we are in direct contact with the local authorities on your behalf.

You benefit from our many years’ experience working with pharmaceuticals, and you get a complete overview of the possible entry strategies in the various markets.

Business development and research

Let us analyze your portfolio and find the perfect sales opportunities in the Nordic market for you. We understand the market mechanisms and know the markets and the price levels in depth.

Not only do we make a full analysis of the potential market, but we also investigate the competitors thoroughly for you.

In other words: We search for all the details that will provide you with essential information about the market, your product is to be launched in.

Launching your product

After having researched the market potential and competition, we define the specific product goals and the initiatives needed to launch your product.

We do this by using our Go-To-Market checklist so that all the steps of the launch are carried out in the right order.

We ensure that all local regulatory requirements are fulfilled, we offer warehouse and wholesale agreements, and we handle all the steps in the supply chain.

Hospital tender management

We also have solid experience participating in relevant hospital tenders in the Nordic countries. We always strive at finding the most qualified price in order to have the best possibilities to win the tender.

When managing hospital tenders, we also assist you with everything that involves local regulatory, QA and PV requirements, and distribution.